A Message About Our Church

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will find it of value and interest.

Our congregation was founded in 1838 and was named for the town in Ireland where many of its first members came from. The original building stood in what is now the east side of the cemetery. The original cemetery dates back to the early days of European settlement, in what is now south Milton. This was our beginning:  “the church of the pioneers.”

With the passage of time, the countryside evolved and so too did the congregation. We entered our next phase: “the church of the countryside.” Perhaps the best indication of this is the building that we now worship in. Built in 1909, it is, from the outside, a typical, rural-style church as found throughout this part of Ontario. Inside, though, it is quite unique and truly beautiful with its dark Georgia pine woodwork.

The countryside, of course, is changing and so are we. As a community of faith and followers of Christ, we know where we have been; we are now embarked on the journey to discover God’s role for us in the new Milton that is now emerging. A family church which is family-centred, we are not large in numbers but we are big in faith, love and commitment. We offer a sense of community and belonging. To paraphrase the words of the song from an old sitcom, we are a place “where everyone knows your name, and we’re always glad you came.” If you would like to join our journey, we warmly invite you to do so.

Wishing you every blessing on your spiritual journey!

– Reverend Shawn Croll (former minister)